Accelerated Bachelor’s degrees in the Science of Nursing, also referred to as ABSN programs, are especially designed for those who want to become licensed and certified nurses in a very short period of time. These are basically second degree nursing programs aimed at those who have already completed an undergraduate degree and want to enrich their knowledge and improve their skills.

female nurse in {[city]} {[State]|[ST]}Generally speaking, these programs last little over one year (usually 16 months) and they cover all the essential aspects of health care. After the students complete the training program, they will become registered nurses and will be eligible to practice in the state where they reside. Accelerated nursing programs encompass some of the most important areas of nursing, and the most notable benefits of attending such a program is that students will get to work in diverse clinical backgrounds, they will benefit from top-notch technology and facilities and they will also get personalized training from faculty  members.

Nursing is one of the areas with the highest demand of professionals, and attending an accelerated nursing program will surely open the road to new and better career opportunities. As a nurse, your career choices are limited if you do not have a Bachelor’s Degree in the Science of Nursing, and these accelerated programs allow you to finish very  quickly and to move on with your career as a nurse.

Who Should Apply For An Accelerated Nursing Program?

The answer is simple: all those who want to become nurses and to expand their professional horizons, yet who do not wish to spend several years in school. All you need is an undergraduate degree and strong commitment to the nursing program, as it is intensive and highly demanding. Nonetheless, before you move on to enrolling in such a program it is important to understand that grades are extremely important, as most accelerated nursing programs require you to have a minimum Grade Point Average of at least 2.75 or even 3.00. Also, given the fact that the program is basically compress into less time, it is not uncommon for the future nurses to study up to 10 to 12 hours a day, as these programs involve full-time commitment.

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In order to become a RN or a registered nurse, you need to successfully pass the NCLEX exam at the end of the accelerated nursing program. In addition to the high grades, students also need pre-requisite courses in different fields that are essential for nursing, such as psychology, anatomy, microbiology and physiology. The good news is that those who do not have time to attend live courses in a land-based university or college can take the courses online, in an independent way.

The bottom line is that accelerated nursing programs are available nationwide, they are flexible and they often involve an online teaching system combined with campus learning opportunities. As demanding as they may be, these programs are certainly very rewarding in the long run!

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